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2018 POTY Awards Categories


  • Acoustical Treatments

    Products for optimizing sound in the home theater or any room in the house.
  • Audio Components: Amplifiers, Receivers, Tuners, Processors, and Audio Streaming Devices

    Audio components, amplifiers, receivers, tuners & processors, Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), turntables and more.
  • Loudspeakers & Soundbars

    In-wall, on-wall, bookshelf, floor-standing, wireless, soundbar, Bluetooth-enabled and other speakers.
  • Multi-room Audio Systems

    Audio distribution systems, wired or wireless, to route music to multiple rooms in the house.
  • Subwoofers

    Free-standing, in-wall, wireless and other subwoofers.

Home Control and Automation

  • DIY-Installed Whole-House Control/Automation Systems

    Systems that can automate and simplify the control of various smart home devices, including lights, thermostats, AV equipment and more, and that are designed to be installed by a do-it-yourself homeowner.
  • Energy Monitoring Devices & Services

    Technologies that help users monitor and/or control their energy usage.
  • Home Networking Components

    Devices that form the communications backbone of a smart home, including routers, wireless access points, etc.
  • Power Management, Conditioning & Backup

    Power products that optimize the performance of electronic products, save energy, prepare a home for electrical problems, or provide other electrical-related benefits.
  • Professionally Installed Whole House Controls/Automation Systems

    Systems that operate a number of different subsystems, such as lighting, thermostats, security and A/V.
  • Remote Home Monitoring/Management

    Systems that enable users to monitor and control their home electronic devices remotely from a cell phone, PC or other mobile device.
  • Smart Sensors

    Devices that can elicit appropriate responses from lights, motorized shading, heating/cooling equipment and more, based on environmental conditions such as ambient light levels, temperature, etc.
  • Spa/Pool Controls & Water Management

    Technology that helps to control spas, pools, fountains, irrigation systems and other water-related products for savings, aesthetics, convenience or enjoyment.
  • Thermostats

    Smart thermostats, temperature sensors and related devices for automating or managing the home's temperature.
  • Universal Remotes & User Interfaces

    Devices used to actively engage with a home control system, such as universal remote controls, keypads, touch panels, mobile apps and other products.

Home Theater

  • A/V Racks & Rack Accessories

    A/V racks meant to be hidden, as well as rack accessories such as thermal management.
  • Home Theater Accessories

    Accessories for a home theater, including movie posters, popcorn machines, starfield ceilings, themed carpeting and other decorative items.
  • Home Theater Furniture

    Theater seating and furniture for holding A/V gear or seating optimized for audio, video and other entertainment in and around the home.
  • Home Theater Surround-Sound Systems

    Speakers designed to provide a surround-sound experience in a home theater.
  • Media Servers/Storage Devices

    Devices that store and/or stream entertainment content to displays in a home theater or media room.
  • Video Projectors

    LED, DLP, LCD and other types of projectors designed for use in a home theater environment.


  • Fixtures, LED, Fiber Optic

    Lighting products for ambiance, convenience or safety.
  • Lighting Controllers and Accessories

    Systems that automate or simplify the operation of one or many lighting loads.
  • Motorized Window Treatments and Windows

    Indoor or outdoor windows or motorized shades, drapes and blind controls, including motors, rollers, interfaces and shades themselves.
  • Smart Light Bulbs

    Light bulbs that can be controlled and automated via various types of controllers.


  • Access Control (including Videophones, Door Locks, Gates, etc.)

    Video phones, door locks, motorized gates, smart garage-door control and other products that make access safer or more convenient.
  • Security Sensors

    Sensors that can help protect the home from burglary, fire, water damage and other harmful effects.
  • Security Systems

    Alarm systems, sensors, and other products that enable monitored or non-monitored protection.
  • Surveillance Cameras

    Surveillance cameras for consumer use, including indoor and outdoor.


  • Flat-Panel Displays

    Video displays, including 3D, plasma, LED, LCD, 4K Ultra HD and other displays.
  • Lifts & Mounts

    Mounts and motorized lifts designed for televisions, projectors and/or other technology gear.
  • Projection Screens

    Video display screens for viewing front- or rear-projection images in home theaters and other residential environments.
  • Video Components & Processors

    Video components, processors and distribution systems for home theaters and media rooms.